Dog food bags – pet-s21

They use only human-grade ingredients and
have strict standards for processing their food.

Pure & Simple
That’s how to best describe the ingredients in the California Natural line.
With only one primary, high-quality protein source, California Natural can meet the
special dietary needs of dogs that cannot tolerate typical pet food ingredients. It’s
just a Pure and Simple pet food.
Our full selection of California Natural pet foods is created with only the most
wholesome natural ingredients. Simply put, it’s up to the standards you would demand
for yourself–and then some!!

Simple, high-quality ingredients like Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids for
a lustrous coat and healthy skin. This is especially important for animals who may be
prone to itchy skin. California Natural also adds Vitamin E for its antioxidant

California Natural contains NO wheat, NO corn, NO soy, NO artificial preservatives,
NO artificial flavoring, NO added coloring, NO by-products. California Natural is
formulated to be complete and balanced for all dogs and cats.

Recent university research has suggested that like cats, some breeds of dogs may
benefit from Taurine in the diet. While California Natural has always contained ample
Taurine from natural sources such as lamb meal, we have decided to supplement Taurine
to ensure that all puppies receive full nutritional benefit from our products.


IAMS Healthy Naturals Dry Dog Food (7-lb bag) Review Summary

If you’re looking for a dog food with no added fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, Iams Healthy Naturals dry dog food is popular with dog owners. Most dogs like the taste of Iams Naturals, but other dogs aren’t impressed,


Pedigree Chum Complete Adult Beef and Vegetables 3kg is a delicious crunchy biscuit with a chewy centre, full of nutrition and taste. The biscuits are designed in different shapes and sizes to encourage crunching, which will help keep teeth and gums healthy. Pedigree Chum Complete Original dog food contains digestible rice with natural fibres and essential fatty acids to keep your dogs coat and skin in top condition.  Also comes in a re-sealable bag to hold in the taste.


Summertime traveling with dogs is a fun and rewarding experience . . . but it can be a messy one as well.

Dog food bags or boxes are hard to store and can easily tip over and turn a car into a giant box of dog food in no time. Attempt to bring cans or fresh food ingredients, and you’ve got even more issues.

However, a product has hit the market that takes all the fuss and muss out of DogCar travels while also providing your pup with a meal that is fun for him to eat because it’s shaped like a bone.

It’s called WholeMeals Food for Dogs and it was developed with veterinarians who were looking for a new approach to healthy nutrition that would be easy for owners and fun for their dogs to enjoy. The bone-shaped meal is the first meal to resemble real bone, with a shape specifically designed to give your canine a bit of a challenge at meal time.

The result of WholeMeal’s bone shape is that dogs no longer have to eat from a bowl, preferring to take the bone in their forepaws and chew in a natural way to get their food. According to WholeMeals, scientific research shows that the smooth and angled edges of the bone-shaped meal gives dogs what they love best — and what is built into their DNA — the ability to pick up their meals, eat with their paws and chew longer and more thoroughly.

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Pet Equipment Supply Party / pet equipment – pet-s20

The LB2 Lily Boot

The Newest Line of Tennis Shoes.



With a new zipper & velcro closing technique and a new look to match, these ultra light-weight shoes fashionably keep your pet’s precious paws protected

The Fur Lily Boot

Trendy Faux Fur Lined Suede Uppers.



Designed with front zipper velcro to keep these ultra light-weight easy walking boots on your pet’s precious paws.

The Bone Toggle Collar and Leash



With a solid brass bone toggle closure and a sliding brass ring for leash attachment, this utterly unique set is hand stitched in England from the finest rolled leather.

The Spiked Leather Set

Spiked Genuine Leather for an Edgy Finished Look.


The Suede Shearling Set

All the Comfort with Vibrant Colors.

With a comfy shearling lined collar and leash handle, this luxurious suede shearling set adds a stylish splash of color to your pet’s jaunts in the park.


The Customized Swarovski Crystal Collar

The Brilliance of Solid Crystal Combined With a Collar.




Now you can pick & choose your own custom crystal colors.  And adorn your pet with the radiance that can only be found in the highest quality, most brilliantly breathtaking crystal available

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Pet Clothings’s Search Results / pet clothings – pet-s19

The Wedding Line

The Beginning to a Happily Ever After.

With endearing vows, festive food and close friends, this elegant wedding gown and distinguishing tuxedo set is a memorable touch to your special day.


The Dress
Classic ivory gown is accented with an exquisite bow and finished with a delicate flowing veil.

The Tuxedo
Crisp white formal shirt, brass buttons and the finishing touch of a classic bow tie.

A Maritime Treasure.

  Decked with polished gold buttons and finished with a striped bow tie, this soft ribbed vest is perfect for your pup’s afternoons at the country club

A Maritime Treasure.

  Decked with polished gold buttons and finished with a striped bow, this soft ribbed tank dress with a white piping navy pleated skirt is perfect for your pup’s afternoons at the club.

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars.

  A proud tribute to the USA, this hand-knit merino wool sweater will add a patriotic touch to your pet’s wardrobe.

A Treasured Crisp Weather Piece

Deliciously soft and classically styled with a cable knit design, this delightful rolled collar alpaca sweater is truly a cozy treasure on brisk afternoons.


Essence of the Classical Ballet.

  Accented with a perfect pink corsaged belt and frilled lace, this single span cotton and mesh fabric tutu party dress is a graceful compliment to your prima ballerina.

An Oxford Woven Classic.

  With a crisp collar and buttoned sleeves, this fresh buttoned shirt is a dapper compliment for your clean-cut canine.

Reflective and Suitable for All Weather Conditions.

With a safety reflector stripe for high visibility and a removable quilted lining, this hooded oil cloth jacket keeps your hound safe and dry from the elements.


Counting Sheep Was Never Sweeter.



Decorated with an adorable bone button at the neck and a velcro closure at the tummy, these soft flannel lambie-pie pjs will keep your pup cute and cuddly all through the night.
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pet food in singapore’s Search Results / pet-s17

Dog Bowl and Placemat All In One

It’s a placemat ingeniously molded to hold a feeding or water bowl. The molded shape creates a suction keeping it from slipping while lifting the bowl high enough for doggie to eat. Although it’s just a concept, I’m amazed no one has thought of this yet. The design makes cleanup a cinch.

Eat Better Dog Bowl

Eat Better dish has raised central bulbs designed in a cross, or “x” shape, that cause a dog to slow down and pick food from around the obstructions. Thus a dog will chew food rather than gulp, or  wolf it down whole. Symptoms of common digestion problems related to aggressive eating  are: vomiting, diarrhea, hiccups and possibly “bloat”, a serious condition that is often fatal. Even attraction to eating feces, coprophagia, a behavior sometimes exhibited by puppies and mature dogs is purported to cease.
Drink Better water dish has an ingenious floating reservoir that always presents an ideally sized pool of water for the dog’s tongue to lap from. The result is far less splashing of water, so the dog’s fur remains dryer and muzzle staining is sharply reduced. Hiccups are reduced or eliminated and eating areas remain dryer. “Bloat” is suspected to be related to drinking too much, too fast as well.
Both of these dog bowls are made from heavy gauge, food grade and dishwasher safe plastic. Both feature a unique, ergonomic side cut-away designed for easy, one-handed manipulation  by dog owners. Both dishes incorporate durable floor stabilizers that greatly resist movement while a dog eats.

Coco Bow Dog Bowl

Pamper your diva dog and kick her dining up a notch by upgrading her bowl. Crafted of sturdy resin with black raised stitching pattern finished with a decorative bow, our Coco Bow Dog Bowl will please even the pickiest pooch. This dog bowl is sure to accentuate any environment. Stainless steel bowl holds 2qts.

PETCO Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Contemporary Dog Bowl (16 oz.; 8″”L X 8″”W X 2″”H; No-Tip)

PETCO Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Contemporary Dog BowlThe combination of highly polished and brushed finishes gives our PETCO Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Contemporary Dog Bowl a whole new twist. Ideal for use indoors or out, our finish is rust proof for added durability while the rubber rim keeps bowl from moving or tipping on the floor. Our dog bowl is dishwasher safe for longtime use while the polished interior resists sticking and cleans up in a flash. Pick up two PETCO dog bowls for a matching set.

Bamboo Feed & Toss 12 oz. Double Dog Bowl

These dog food and water bowls make feeding clean and easy base.

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Pet food Singapore/ pet food Singapore – pet-s16 is the number one most popular online pet shop in Singapore.

They carry the brands features above and more. They carry more than 3000 products online and still growing. Don’t need to visit various places to hunt for your pet’s favorite food or treats because they can deliver locally for free for purchase above $60. Or you can even go to their real shop to find out more.

If you are going overseas for a relaxing holiday they also have summer camp that can sit your pet.

Here are the brands of dog food in Singapore that you can purchase.

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High calorie cat food/ high calorie cat food – pet-s15

With the availability of many commercial pet foods in the market, you may be confused in selecting the complete pet food that takes good care of your pet’s health. You may be wondering whether it is safe to feed commercial pet food or pet food prepared at home.

Your pet’s health can be spoiled through any source of pet food and hence you should make sure that whatever food you feed to your pet should not have been contaminated.

Food related illness could occur in your pet due to bacterial infections, chemicals, mycotoxins, metals etc. Mycotoxins are toxins formed by fungus and some type of toxins affect one fourth of the world’s food crops. Hence mycotoxin litigation is a big problem and pain to the pet food industry.

We generally get confused with food infection and food poisoning. Pet food infection can be caused when the pets consume food with infectious microbial cell. They initially attack your pet’s tissues and start reproducing. Another important aspect to be noted is most of the clinical diseases will not be visible to you before 12 hours. Food poisoning occurs as a result of pet food that already contains a microbial toxin. The food poisoning symptoms are visible within an hour after your pet consumes the pet food. It is always recommended that homemade food preparation should be hygienic and if you are buying commercial pet food, take suggestions from people who are used to feed pets with such foods.

Selecting nutrition filled pet food is a challenging task particularly when there are many pet food providers offering more varieties of pet food. You can choose a complete pet food with balanced nutrition by evaluating the ingredients mentioned on the pet food package. The ingredients will represent fat, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals in percentage values.

When you are ready to pay a higher price for the pet food, it is reasonable that you look for high and better value and additional health advantages for your pet. Cheap pet foods have more of ingredients that are grain based like wheat, soy and corn. Cheaper pet foods use ingredients like grains, bone meal and meat that are inexpensive and hence show poor nutritional quality. These pet food manufacturers justify that grain protein is equally nutritious when compared with meat protein. But there are arguments that grain proteins put excessive stress on your pet’s digestive system and also result in illness in the later stages of the pet’s life. Pets like dog and cat eat meat and their digestive system is designed for meat and not for grains. So it is always advisable to provide pet food suitable for your pet’s digestive system.

Normally pets are fed with the same kind of food every day if complete nutrition value is available with regular foods. Your pet always should be served the best nutritious pet food and so take time in choosing the perfect pet food for those deserving pets of yours. You can follow the below mentioned tips to avoid pet food problems:

Try to avoid commercial foods for your pets as stool hardening agents are used by most of the pet food manufacturers. Understand the terms used in the pet food label and select the food that provides the calorie needed by your pet. Never over feed your pet. Provide them plenty of fresh water.

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Best Quality Dry Dog Food / best dog food – pet-s14

Orijen (est. $35 per 15.4 pounds) is “…a very high-grade dry dog food” states CS. The brand is devoid of any grain material, and substitutes potatoes for carbohydrates. CS says experts report potatoes are a “good source” of minerals and B vitamins. The three main ingredients in the product are boneless chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal. Additional “high quality” ingredients are listed in the Orijen review:

  • Whitefish meal.
  • Turkey meal.
  • Salmon meal.
  • Apples.
  • Vegetables.
  • Whole eggs.
  • Herbs.
  • Botanicals.
  • Probiotic microorganisms (a bacterium for protection against harmful bacteria).

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul (est. $23 for 18 pounds) is a “top-quality” dry dog food with zero preservatives. The product’s primary ingredients are listed in the review:

  • Chicken.
  • Turkey.
  • Chicken meal.
  • Turkey meal.
  • Whole grain brown and white rice.

Innova EVO Wild Canned Dog Food

Innova EVO (Est. 1.75 for 13.2 ounce can) is a dog food designed “to replicate what a dog would eat in the wild.” The “high quality” dog food contains 95% meat. The product has no grains or fillers. Some problems have been reported about dogs adjusting to the high protein diet. Some owners use this dog food as a supplement with other lower protein brands.

Best Quality Canned Dog Food

Canidae All Life Stages (est. $1.30 for 13 ounce can) has an “impressive ingredient lineup.” The All Life Stages formula does not contain any meat hormones or preservatives, and contains a variety of quality ingredients:

  • Chicken and chicken broth.
  • Lamb.
  • Chicken liver.
  • Herring.
  • Brown rice.
  • Egg.

The product is not “grain-free,” but contains no corn, wheat, soy, fillers, or by-products. CS states the brand is sometimes difficult to find in supermarkets, but consumers can purchase the product on-line.

“Canidae All Life Stages canned dog food features a balance of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids along with skin & coat conditioners to maintain a healthy luxurious coat,” advises the All Natural Pet Food Store on their Canidae dog food web page.

The pet food store claims Canidae All Life Stages provides “enzyme activity” helping to reduce cellulose. The website provides complete information about Canidae “guaranteed [percentages of active ingredients] analysis, calculated caloric content, and nutrient analysis.”

The ConsumerSearch dog food reviews web page provides links to longer CS reviews for each of the “Best” rated dog foods, and provides links to additional information and reviews from outside sources.

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