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Dog Bowl and Placemat All In One

It’s a placemat ingeniously molded to hold a feeding or water bowl. The molded shape creates a suction keeping it from slipping while lifting the bowl high enough for doggie to eat. Although it’s just a concept, I’m amazed no one has thought of this yet. The design makes cleanup a cinch.

Eat Better Dog Bowl

Eat Better dish has raised central bulbs designed in a cross, or “x” shape, that cause a dog to slow down and pick food from around the obstructions. Thus a dog will chew food rather than gulp, or  wolf it down whole. Symptoms of common digestion problems related to aggressive eating  are: vomiting, diarrhea, hiccups and possibly “bloat”, a serious condition that is often fatal. Even attraction to eating feces, coprophagia, a behavior sometimes exhibited by puppies and mature dogs is purported to cease.
Drink Better water dish has an ingenious floating reservoir that always presents an ideally sized pool of water for the dog’s tongue to lap from. The result is far less splashing of water, so the dog’s fur remains dryer and muzzle staining is sharply reduced. Hiccups are reduced or eliminated and eating areas remain dryer. “Bloat” is suspected to be related to drinking too much, too fast as well.
Both of these dog bowls are made from heavy gauge, food grade and dishwasher safe plastic. Both feature a unique, ergonomic side cut-away designed for easy, one-handed manipulation  by dog owners. Both dishes incorporate durable floor stabilizers that greatly resist movement while a dog eats.

Coco Bow Dog Bowl

Pamper your diva dog and kick her dining up a notch by upgrading her bowl. Crafted of sturdy resin with black raised stitching pattern finished with a decorative bow, our Coco Bow Dog Bowl will please even the pickiest pooch. This dog bowl is sure to accentuate any environment. Stainless steel bowl holds 2qts.

PETCO Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Contemporary Dog Bowl (16 oz.; 8″”L X 8″”W X 2″”H; No-Tip)

PETCO Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Contemporary Dog BowlThe combination of highly polished and brushed finishes gives our PETCO Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Contemporary Dog Bowl a whole new twist. Ideal for use indoors or out, our finish is rust proof for added durability while the rubber rim keeps bowl from moving or tipping on the floor. Our dog bowl is dishwasher safe for longtime use while the polished interior resists sticking and cleans up in a flash. Pick up two PETCO dog bowls for a matching set.

Bamboo Feed & Toss 12 oz. Double Dog Bowl

These dog food and water bowls make feeding clean and easy base.


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