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Stack-n-Store Storage Bins

This storage bin is perfect for holding large volumes of dry dog, cat, or other pet food. Or, use bin as storage for pet toys, leashes, or other accessories. Can be used alone or stack two storage bins to hold even more pet food. Hinged door allows easy access and protects pet food from moisture. Door can be locked with a padlock. Scoop not included. Small holds up to 40 lbs. Medium holds up to 65 lbs. Please note: 40 lb Stack-n-Stor cannot stack with larger models.

May be used outside if kept in shade and away from moisture. Made of durable and easy-to-clean high-density polyethylene. Good for high volume needs including multi-dog households, kennels, or catteries

Pour N Store Wall Mount Storage Container

A convenient way to handle the economy sized bags of pet food, kitty litter or wild bird seed. Wall mounted unit holds up to 40 pounds of dry food/mix/litter. The waterproof lid keeps contents dry and fresh. Convenient handle makes dispensing contents easy. Includes all mounting hardware.

Color may vary from what is pictured

Approximate dimensions are: 16 inches wide x 25 inches Tall x 10.5 inches Deep

 vacuumsaver FLAVIA PP Rectangular box (set)

Vacuumsaver creates new minds and convenient life

  1. Storage expert:
  2. In Kitchen: to storage food anytime, anywhere. Transparent container design can view storage food clearly.
  3. In living: convenient management. Multi-combination styles can meet varies food storage need and make life concise


  1. Tips to solve food storage problem:
  2. Daily airtight storage: Most food is over purchased and can not finished at once. vacuumsaver can storage the unfinished food in daily remain
  3. Anti-moisture and extend the freshness of food: Vacuumsaver’s special vacuum function which pump out the air inner container to reduce air and humidity, also block the humidity outside.  It can maximize the food in more freshness and anti-moisture stage.
  4. Anti-oxidization and extend the freshness: Vacuumsaver hi-tech pumping  out the air and block the air outside. It can reduce the air and oxygen inner container and remain anti-oxdization and able to extend the freshness.
  5. Reduce pollution and increase anti-bacteria function: Vacuumsaver offers a excellent airtight environment to block any bacteria or dust in the air flow in the container.  It can reduce the pollution and increase anti-bacteria ability.
  6. Reduce waste and increase health: Regarding to the forecast from Europe and US government, over 1/3 food around the world was throw away because foods’ decay and over oxidization.  The wasted food released lots marsh gas.  The marsh gas volume is over 23 times of our current CO2 volume in current adverse circumstance. Sometimes, human be can not see the decay and oxidization food clear from our eye.  If such decay food stay in our body can cause huge damage or disease.  Many chronic diseases therefore incurred in our life.  It not only waste lots medical resource and also wastes lots social expend from government.  Vacuumsaver can reduce such waste and save our expense


Iris Pet Food Storage Containers

These plastic containers are airtight and designed for storing all types of dry pet food in a compact space. These great storage containers can hold all different sized bags of dog food, cat food and bird seed, or I can just pour the food directly into the container.

They’re made of durable, clear polypropylene so you can easily see how much petfood is left so you know when to buy more. Seal-tight lid keeps pet food fresh and dry, and secure from any unwanted munchers.

They come in three sizes – small, large and extra large. The large and extra large containers come with snap-on plastic wheels so you can move them easily (the small container doesn’t need casters).
Small will hold:
Cat Food aprox. 20 Lbs.
Dog Food aprox. 17 Lbs.
Bird Seed aprox. 30 Lbs.
Large will hold:
Cat Food aprox. 40 Lbs.
Dog Food aprox. 35 Lbs.
Bird Seed aprox. 60 Lbs.
Extra Large will hold:
Cat Food aprox. 50lbs
Dog Food aprox. 55 lbs
Bird Seed aprox. 100 lbs

Glass Food Storage Containers


If indeed you want to save money in the kitchen then there is the need to keep your food edible for long periods as much as possible. There are certain food products that can last long like vegetables and fruits but others like perishable items and leftovers normally cannot last that long. It is possible that you have tried other methods like the use of plastic wraps and baggies but these will leave an unmanageable pile of items in the refrigerator. That is a number of people have started using the glass food storage containers.

These glass food storage containers will help to store your food in a well sealed environment and still being able to properly organize it. This is a type of storage container which is made of a timeless material and is also totally safe and airtight. They normally come in a number of varying sizes. This is to ensure that they are able to accommodate varying kinds of food. When it has varying sizes, then it will be possible to maximize the efficiency of the storage. This is because you will be able to utilize all the space you may require. It will then allow you to make use of the extra space that will be left in your refrigerator.

The use of these glass food storage containers will afford you the opportunity to get your refrigerator organized and in good shape. In addition the unique feature of the clear glass will allow you to easily see the contents that are inside the container. It is not even possible for the glass to get stained or warp and could indeed be used in a dishwasher. Even when they are turned upside down, the seal tight lids will still keep the food inside.

Even though the plastic food containers may be a little bit cheaper, you will end up saving a lot of money on the glass food storage containers. This is because there will no need to worry about buying replacements due to melting or warping. Moreover, for these glass containers it will never leach any plasticizer into the food like the plastic containers do because of its high temperature. You can also wash the lids in the dishwasher if you ever are able to use top rack. In terms of sanitary conditions, just wash the glass containers with the countertop water filters.


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