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They use only human-grade ingredients and
have strict standards for processing their food.

Pure & Simple
That’s how to best describe the ingredients in the California Natural line.
With only one primary, high-quality protein source, California Natural can meet the
special dietary needs of dogs that cannot tolerate typical pet food ingredients. It’s
just a Pure and Simple pet food.
Our full selection of California Natural pet foods is created with only the most
wholesome natural ingredients. Simply put, it’s up to the standards you would demand
for yourself–and then some!!

Simple, high-quality ingredients like Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids for
a lustrous coat and healthy skin. This is especially important for animals who may be
prone to itchy skin. California Natural also adds Vitamin E for its antioxidant

California Natural contains NO wheat, NO corn, NO soy, NO artificial preservatives,
NO artificial flavoring, NO added coloring, NO by-products. California Natural is
formulated to be complete and balanced for all dogs and cats.

Recent university research has suggested that like cats, some breeds of dogs may
benefit from Taurine in the diet. While California Natural has always contained ample
Taurine from natural sources such as lamb meal, we have decided to supplement Taurine
to ensure that all puppies receive full nutritional benefit from our products.


IAMS Healthy Naturals Dry Dog Food (7-lb bag) Review Summary

If you’re looking for a dog food with no added fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, Iams Healthy Naturals dry dog food is popular with dog owners. Most dogs like the taste of Iams Naturals, but other dogs aren’t impressed,


Pedigree Chum Complete Adult Beef and Vegetables 3kg is a delicious crunchy biscuit with a chewy centre, full of nutrition and taste. The biscuits are designed in different shapes and sizes to encourage crunching, which will help keep teeth and gums healthy. Pedigree Chum Complete Original dog food contains digestible rice with natural fibres and essential fatty acids to keep your dogs coat and skin in top condition.  Also comes in a re-sealable bag to hold in the taste.


Summertime traveling with dogs is a fun and rewarding experience . . . but it can be a messy one as well.

Dog food bags or boxes are hard to store and can easily tip over and turn a car into a giant box of dog food in no time. Attempt to bring cans or fresh food ingredients, and you’ve got even more issues.

However, a product has hit the market that takes all the fuss and muss out of DogCar travels while also providing your pup with a meal that is fun for him to eat because it’s shaped like a bone.

It’s called WholeMeals Food for Dogs and it was developed with veterinarians who were looking for a new approach to healthy nutrition that would be easy for owners and fun for their dogs to enjoy. The bone-shaped meal is the first meal to resemble real bone, with a shape specifically designed to give your canine a bit of a challenge at meal time.

The result of WholeMeal’s bone shape is that dogs no longer have to eat from a bowl, preferring to take the bone in their forepaws and chew in a natural way to get their food. According to WholeMeals, scientific research shows that the smooth and angled edges of the bone-shaped meal gives dogs what they love best — and what is built into their DNA — the ability to pick up their meals, eat with their paws and chew longer and more thoroughly.

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