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Cats love a bowl of fresh, clean and clear water and one way to do it is with an automatic water dispenser for cats. Many cats will drink more when they are around “running water”. Owners can encourage adequate water intake by providing their cats with a circulating water dispenser or fountain. Automatic water dispenser, also called cat fountains, can be a great investment in your cat’s health. Here are a few tips to help you choose an automatic water dispenser.

Features to Consider in an Automatic Water Dispenser

  Materials

  Size and shape

  Durability

  Quality filters

  Ability to clean

  Tip proof

  Safe

  Adjustable flow rates

  Capacity

Desirable Features in a Automatic Water Dispenser

  Provides clean, filtered water

  Adjustable flow rates

  Easy to dismantle and clean

  Replacement filters

  Quiet, durable motor

  Low wattage

  Safe

  Tip-proof

  Additional reservoir


Finding the perfect cat bed…a dream come true for your precious feline. If you can’t find your cat, it might be time to get her a cat bed. Chances are she’s sleeping somewhere cozy and perhaps not where you want her. If you would rather your kitty didn’t nap on your bathrobe or the guest bed, you may want to get her an extra appealing cat bed of her own.

There are a variety of cat beds to choose from and you can definitely find one to suit your cat best. They range from mini-furniture to suit your décor to simple pads to lay on your cats preferred napping places. Here are some tips to help you find the best bed for your kitty.

Cat Bed Features to Consider

  Materials/Fabric

  Comfort

  Placement (floor, desk, bed, window bed, etc)

  Style/Design

  Size

  Wash-ability

  Dry-ability

  Ability to remove or replace cover

  Durability guarantee

The most important feature to consider in choosing a cat bed is what your cat will consider comfortable. Cats like to be warm in the winter and to keep cool in the summer. The cozy-factor of a cat bed is critical. A cup style cat bed is often the perfect fit for a curled up kitty and can help her retain body heat. With an especially cold house, you might even consider a heated cat bed. If you need something cooler consider a simple pad cat bed, which may be nothing more than soft fabric or stuffed for a plusher feel. Whichever style you choose it needs to become your cat’s favorite or she won’t use it.

The best way to convince your feline friend to nap in her new cat bed however, may not be what style you choose, but where you put it. A quiet place without too much traffic, but in view of the household activities is the best place. If you choose a cat bed that is easily moved, you can adjust the bed’s placement depending on the temperature or the time of day. Some cat beds can even be set up as a window perch, so in between napping your kitty can have a view of what’s going on outside.

Cat tree

We don’t know what company made this, but we would like to thank them! We love our tree. It has (almost) endless possibilities play-wise! It’s fantastic. Every cat should have one.

Colorful Europet-Bernina scratching post

We have a product review about a Europet-Bernina scratchin post. It is a very colorful post with several sleeping places and enough posts to scratch your nails on.

It is also very comfy to sleep on as demonstrated by Dorus 🙂 We give this a very,very good rating.

Raw turkey meat and Nurish UM cat food supplement

Now, to us this is REAL FOOD! Raw meat. Beacuase we’re cats, and that’s what we’re supposed to eat. Actually we’re supposed to catch mice and birds and eat those, but if that’s not an option, this is by far the best alternative. Raw meat with calcium and some other cat food supplements like this one; Nurish UM, which also tastes great.

Whiskas Temptations

Whiskas Singles are small “bags” of cat food. It tastes great and doesn’t make our poop smell too bad.


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