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Bad To The Bone Jar

Made especially for that rough and rowdy doggie in your home. The kind of beast that gets into trouble around every corner! Keep dog treats safe and sound in this “bad jar” for when your wild beast is good for a change!

  • Hand-Painted by nationally recognized designer Alyson Whitney
  • Each color is applied 3-4 times to achieve the strong, opaque colors
  • Each step, from mold crafting to glaze firing, is done custom for your order
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Personalize your treat jar by adding your dog’s name for an additional $5!

Also – Be sure to check out the matching dog bowls!

Get fresh and trendy

The Lid’s colorful rubber edge ring makes it easy to stack the pots on top of each other and acts as a slip-resistant surface> Meanwhite , the vacuum system remove air from inside the jar to keep food fresh longer

l  100% air and liquid tight

l  Patented double-layer gaskets design

l  This is ideal for keeping pet food, pet cookies, dry dog food and pet nuts.

l  Non-food stuff storage is also available

l  For complete vacuum system, mini pump is an option

l  Capacity:500ml

l  Optional accessory:Pump

Pet Food Storage Tips – Storing Pet Food securely

Having a pet is a real responsibility and this can be challenging at times. One of the most obvious things that you will need to do on a regular basis is to make sure they have access to lots of food and water whenever they want it.

Every single pet owner in the world will need to buy food for their pet. It’s essential that your animals are eating a healthy balanced diet. Buying pet food can be extremely simple and easy. Storing it however is a different story and can be tricky. We’ll spend some time looking at various tips which can make storing and keeping your pet food much safer and easier.

Strong Storage Containers

Have you ever found out that your pet always seems to bite through the bag? This will make a hole in the bag which could ruin the food. This will also create a mess because the food will go everywhere. Your pet is very greedy and should not be able to help themselves to food whenever they want it. It is possible to keep the food close to your pets, but only if you store it in a stronger container.

Ruined food will be costly because it needs replacing. Our pets are like a member of our families and so need looking after. Food is getting more expensive and nobody likes waste.

You have a few options here, you can either decide to go to a pet food store and purchase specialist containers for pet food. Alternatively you can purchase any cheap plastic food containers from your supermarket as these will serve the same purpose.

Spend some time shopping around looking at the various different containers on offer. You should be able to find a storage box suitable for pet food.

These storage boxes are also normally made from strong plastic. This not only means that they are durable but also means they are waterproof. As a result the food shouldn’t get damp or damaged.

Anything which is strong and has a firm lid should be ideally suited to storing you pet food. Another option would be to store your pet food in a rubbish bin, these are secure from pets while also being easy to position and very easy to access.

Making an Area for Storage

Many people are short of space in their homes and simply don’t have enough space for any extra containers in their house. You may want to consider using a storage product like a cereal dispenser as these take up much less space. Normal plastic boxes and tubs may be ideal because these are available in many different shapes and sizes.

You should normally be able to find storage boxes which will fit in any space, however if you only have a small amount of space available then consider a smaller box. This doesn’t however mean that you have to purchase small bags of pet food. You can continue to purchase large bags and putting a small amount inside the house, the rest could be kept in your garage. If you are storing food in your garage make sure that it is protected from other animals. Other animals could still get into the bag and steal the food; it’s not just cats who like cat food!

Storing pet food securely and safely can be very difficult. With nothing more than a little bit of creative thinking though you should be able to find an ideal remedy to your problem. It might be needed for you to trial various different ideas before actually coming across one which works. You may find that one technique doesn’t work successfully and your pet still manages to get into the food, don’t get depressed about this. Just accept it and try a different technique.

Many pet owners think that spending money on pet storage is a waste because it already comes in bags. However pet food storage really needs to be seen as much more of an investment than anything else. Storing food safely will save you money in the long run.

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