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If you are looking for cat food storage, there are many styles and features to consider before you buy.
First, consider how many pounds of food you usually buy at a time before shopping and pick the size that will hold at least that amount. Keep in mind that the size of the kibble can affect how much can fit in a storage container.
The ultimate size of the container will vary a lot depending on how many cats you feed and how many types of food you feed.
Consider the features listed below and you will be sure to find the container that fits your cat food storage needs!

Features to Consider in Cat Food Storage Containers

 Materials (plastic, metal, other)

 Size

 Shape

 Stackable

 Handles for moving

 Amount of food it will hold

 Durability

 Airtight

 Lid design (screw top, hinged, cap, dispenser)

 Lid placement

 Ability to clean

 Tip or spill proof

 Bug proof

 Keeps food safe and fresh

 Guarantee

Desirable Features in Cat Food Storage Containers

 Easy to clean

 Airtight

 Design limits access from bugs, pets, children

 Adequate size

 Shape and design suited to your storage area

 Durable

 Guarantee

 Easy flow of kibble for units that have this feature

 Easy to open and close

 Lid provides good seal

Secure lid that won’t “pop-off” as you are pouring

Features to Avoid in Cat Food Storage Containers

 Poor seal between lid and storage compartment

 Too large or small of a size for your typical food storage requirements
Ideal Cat Food Storage Container Choice
An ideal choice for a cat food storage container is a sturdy, airtight, bug-proof container that is easy to clean and large enough for an entire bag of kibble. Screw top lid designs help prevent access to small children and pets while keeping food fresh. Indented handles on larger models are helpful for moving in and out of your storage area when refilling. Some styles have spouts that allow food to “pour” out. Ensure this mechanism is sturdy and allows the kibble size of the food you use to flow freely. Some also have plugs that allow a good seal to occur between uses. Storage containers made to store breakfast cereals are often good choices for cat food storage. Many models of this type have a handle, a good seal and allow you to pour food easily.

Shopping & Safety Tips for Buying Cat Food Storage Container

Look for a good quality screw top lid with an airtight seal.

If you have small children, keep access to food storage bins off limits.

If you have multiple cat food storage needs, look for containers that are stackable.

Look on the container for a label that indicates the range or estimate of how many pounds of kibble the container will hold. Shape versus volume and capacity can be deceiving.

Follow this general guideline: The smaller the kibble the more you can fit, and the larger the kibble the less will fit in any given container.

Store only what your cat or cats can eat in a month. Keep the food fresh buy buying smaller amounts more frequently.

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