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There are many different reasons why you might want to look into a dog food container. First you might want to know where to look for them though. You can look for dog food containers online or in your local store. Many times you will find that you can get it for a better price online. This is because of the competition that there is on the internet between businesses. This being said many time the price online is much cheaper than your local store would be.   Shopping online is also easy and confinement.   You can simply place your order sit back and wait for it to be delivered straight to your home.

One of the many benefits of a dog food container is that fact that it keeps ants out. This is true whether you live inside or outside. Ants love to go after food whether it is pet food or human food. Also if you have an outdoor dog and you keep it outside you may find that you leave the bag of food outside. So this will mean that if it rains you won’t have to worry about going out to feed the dog and finding a bag of food that is completely wasted because it got rained on.

Some dog food containers even come with a food scoop. These are normally in measuring sizes like one cup or two cups. This makes it easier to measure the amount of food that is needed for the dog. Each dog will depend on things such as the weight of the dog before you know how much exercise and good that they need. Okay. Don’t freak out.

You should also know that a container will aid in making sure that the food stays fresh as long as is possible. There are different sizes of dog food containers. Some of them will even hold up to a 35 of your favorite dog food.   This being said nearly any sized bag should fit in your container.

You will also find that keeping your dog away from the new pack is a good idea. Many times dogs will feel like they need to eat more than you feed this.   This being said they can tear into the bag and make a complete and total mess for you to clean up. This is where the container comes in handy by keeping the dog out of the food.

These are just some of the many different benefits to having a dog food container. You should also remember that putting the food in a container looks a whole lot better than it would look just sitting you there to the dumb. You will want to remember all of these great benefits when deciding if you need a container to store your dog’s food into. Also remember the fact that dog food containers come in different sizes and they even come in different colors so that you will have a wide selection of storage containers to choose from should you decide a food container is right for you.


VACUUMSAVER Dog Food Storage


l   Air- and Liquid-tight. Introduce a vacuum by using the pump; ensuring freshness by reducing oxygen and moisture.

l   Do not drop or throw. This may cause the jar to break.

l   STOP using the jar when there are any cracks.

l   It may reduce the vacuum sustainability if there any dirt or small particles remain on the air valve or gasket. Please keep them clean. You are advised to put powder-like materials into the inner bag before placing them into the vacuumsaver.

l   This is NOT heat resistant glass. Do NOT use in oven, microwave or with any very hot substance.


Mason Tin Dog Food Storage

If you are tired of getting your hands dirty digging into bags of stale dog food to feed your pet, you need the Oh My Dog Supplies Mason Tin for Dog Food Storage. Available in two sizes and two colors, the tins meet your spatial and design needs. This steel can is durable and food-safe, covered with tin and FDA approved.

Each can comes complete with a carrying handle and a convenient aluminum scoop for ease of filling your dog’s bowl. Each tin can hold 10 pounds (small) , 20 pounds (medium) or 40 pounds (large) of dry dog food, making it easy to open a bag, store, and go. Don’t keep feeding your dog dingy, stale food. Liven up his mealtime with freshness by using the Oh My Dog Supplies Mason Tin for Dog Food Storage for guaranteed freshness.

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