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After choosing to make your cat’s food yourself, what is a raw-feeding caregiver to do when traveling with the cat, if the cat stays behind with a sitter, or in times of emergencies or power-out?

Stocking up on a supply of commercially available canned or dry cat foods in one option, but not every raw-feeding enthusiast thinks this is appealing, after having become accustomed to the quality and peace of mind of homemade cat food. We feel, that your new lifestyle should not leave you in a bind in situations when fresh food is not an option, and emergency situations don’t need to be compounded by having to fall back on pet foods you have chosen to turned away from.

In this article we will show you how to can home-can fresh meat to use in making cat food when refrigeration is not an option. Home-canned meat has also proven itself as the ideal and nearly fail-safe start to get your cat transitioned to a home-made cat food, and eventually to a raw meat cat food. A good supply of canned meat will see you and your cat through situations like:

  • your friend or pet sitter is not comfortable with feeding raw while you are away.
  • you are on the road with your cat and frozen food is not an option.
  • you are preparing a disaster evacuation kit.
  • the power goes out at home, and you have no means of refrigerating food.
  • your cat is ill and requires more flavorful food as an enticement to eat.
  • your cat simply won’t eat the food when prepared with raw meat.
  • you are not comfortable using raw meat to prepare your cat’s food.

Use the home-canned meat to mix daily portions of cat food using a Feline Future Instincts premix of your choice. Click hereto see how. Except on occasion or in emergencies, do not feed meat – raw, cooked, or canned – plain, without the addition of the Instincts premix. The Instincts premix is designed to balance meat as a food for cats, supplying essential nutrients without which your cat will most definitely become very ill and deficient.

We advocate the feeding of raw meat as the ultimate choice for your cat, but wholeheartedly support the notion, that a homemade cat food using cooked or canned meat is a definite step in the right direction and much better than commercial pet foods. However, cat owners should take note that heat processing does denature the meat, and nutrients will be lost during cooking or canning. While the Instincts premix will replenish some of them, the beneficial fats in meat will be lost. Cat owners should consider replenishing the beneficial and essential animal fats by adding some butter to the cat’s diet.

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